Furniture & Home

Christmas product photography in traditional studio room design styling

PORTFOLIO – Redcurrent

REDCURRENT We’re proud to share the beautiful set design and e-commerce content shot for the Redcurrent Summer and Christmas collections. In 1999, Hawke’s Bay mother

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Tasseled Wool rug from Nodi rugs flat lay photograph


nodi rugs We are proud to work with the Nodi team to capture consistent, crisp and detailed product shots. NODI rugs designs and creates

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White chair on grey background for e-commerce photography

PORTFOLIO – Design Warehouse

DESIGN WAREHOUSE Design Warehouse has been a premium manufacturer and seller of high-end outdoor Furniture in New Zealand since the mid-1990s. Teak Furniture, Dining Tables, Relaxing Chairs, Dining

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Room set styling for photography and video in studio Asset Factory

PORTFOLIO – Flooring Xtra

FLOORING XTRA See how kiwi brand Flooring Xtra completely transformed our Live Machine and created beautiful set designs to promote their new season products across

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Beauty & Pharmaceuticals

Women's haircare beauty product photography with creative styling services

PORTFOLIO – Free Curls

FREE CURLS Free Curls is proudly manufactured in New Zealand, with our climate in mind. We are proud to produce beautiful imagery for their ecommerce

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PORTFOLIO – Ines Store

INÈS STORE Detailed and consistent beauty product photography taken on our Eclipse Machine. INÈS is a hand-picked edit of beauty, hair and skincare products from

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ME TODAY Using our Eclipse Machine, the Me Today team captures beautiful product shots of their products, individually and in sets. We are excited to

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ecostore New Zealand creative product photography image with fresh produce

PORTFOLIO – ecostore

ECOSTORE Our Machines provide the ecostore team with the freedom to get creative and style their own shoots. Using our Horizontal, Vertical and Eclipse Machine,

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Fashion & Wholesale

Portfolio – Kowtow

KOWTOW Ensuring environmental protection, Kowtow design and deliver simplicity, full circularity and strong community.  It’s not mannequin and it’s not a flat lay! The Vertical

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Sonnie Store From drop to drop, our expert team creates high-quality content for the Sonnie team. From simple, crisp flat lays, to stacked shots and

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FANTL SPORT All day golf wear designed in New Zealand to take on the world. Our Live Machine provided the Fantl team with a completely

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PORTFOLIO – Canterbury

CANTERBURY We are proud to be the chosen content parter for Canterbury New Zealand. Canterbury moved their photography from Australia to New Zealand, and chose

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PORTFOLIO – Porter James

PORTER JAMES “A life well-designed”, a timeless collection of unisex streetwear by Porter James.  The perfect combination of our Horizontal & Eclipse Machines. Beautifully folded

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Tanya Carlson womenswear fashion label on-model photography services at Asset Factory

PORTFOLIO – Tanya Carlson

TANYA CARLSON Iconic New Zealand womenswear for over twenty years. Tanya Carlson is a New Zealander designer who has been creating beautiful womenswear collections for

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Portfolio – Inward Goods

INWARD GOODS Made to order menswear, right here in our own backyard. Inward Goods is a lifestyle brand designing timeless, pragmatic menswear from their

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PORTFOLIO – Daylight Moon

DAYLIGHT MOON We are proud to work with kiwi-made brand Daylight Moon to create their beautiful e-commerce and social content. We are excited to

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PORTFOLIO – Swanndri

SWANNDRI Iconic Kiwi brand Swanndri uses all four of our Machines to capture incredible digital content. Kiwi fashion icon, Swanndri, recently shot their new

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Carbon Soldier children's clothing on-model photoshoot creative with green background

PORTFOLIO – Carbon Soldier

CARBON SOLDIER Carbon Soldier is a New Zealand based brand specialising in newborn to fourteen year old children’s clothing. Barbara McCamish, creative genius behind the

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Huffer e-commerce content creation in studio Asset Factory


HUFFER Iconic Kiwi brand Huffer regularly work across all four of our Machines to capture beautiful e-commerce and social content. The Challenge: Across 4 seasonal

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MONS ROYALE Wanaka based brand Mons Royale fly up every season to use all four of our Machines, capturing incredible content for their digital and

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WORLD BRAND Using both our Machines and traditional photography, we are proud to help WORLD create beautiful content. Iconic NZ brand WORLD creates fashion with

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STORM womens fashion on-model photoshoot for e-commerce


STORM Shooting regurally on our Live Machine, the STORM team have increased sales and customer loyalty with two simple things: consistency and video. Armed

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Portfolio – Bronwyn

Bronwyn Our Eclipse Machine was the perfect content solution for the launch of Bronwyn, a New Zealand brand with beautifully and ethically created footwear.  We

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YY NATION We are proud to create content for the launch of sustainable footwear brand YY Nation! Using video and stills, we captured crisp, detailed

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Food & Beverage

compostic sustainable kitchen product photography services

PORTFOLIO – Compostic

COMPOSTIC Consistent product photography for the guilt-free cling wrap brand Compostic! Compostic is the guilt-free, home compostable cling wrap designed to break down completely in

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PORTFOLIO – Huckleberry

huckleberry The first Huckleberry Farms store opened in Greenlane, Auckland in the early 1990’s. Huckleberry rebranded in 2015, and today they have 8 stores throughout

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PORTFOLIO – Service Foods

SERVICE FOODS Fresh food and ingredients, all shot and automatically edited by the incredible technology inside our Horizontal (flat lay) Machine. Want to know the

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FMCG & Other

FMCG Product photography and editing services


THIEVE From fashion and accessories, to tools and FMCG, Thieve does it all using our Eclipse Machine. Thieve is a curated list of Aliexpress

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BLUSH We worked with premium florists Blush flowers to capture beautiful imagery for their ecommerce and social media platforms.  Blush Flowers is a premium Auckland

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