We are proud to announce our content partnership with Eat My Lunch.

Eat My Lunch (EML) is the New Zealand business driven to ensure that no child goes hungry at school. Established in June 2015, EML have provided over 1.5 million lunches to kids in 64 schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. Over the past couple of months, we’ve had the EML team in the studio re-capturing their entire menu, their new range of gift boxes and Christmas collection. Our Horizontal Machine offers the team automatically clear-cut flat lay images of their fresh produce and group packages. The Eclipse Machine offers different angles and zooms to really show off the freshness of each ingredient. Both machines offer a completely customisable stage, an opportunity to bring props and get creative. We can’t wait to share more content and information around our partnership with RML soon. Stay tuned! 

Fresh Food photography in studio with white background
Eat My Lunch content creation food and beverage

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