Flat Lay Photography


Flat lay photography, E-commerce photography, Social Media content and PR media creation. Flat Lay photography is ideal for fashion and apparel, accessories, artwork, homeware, food, FMCG and more.

Our StyleShoots Horizontal machine captures and removes the background in a matter of seconds, creating a clear cut image with no photographic post production required. iPad™ operated you have the ability to change the lighting and zoom at the touch of a button. The iPad™ live view allows you to style your product photography on the fly and use the overlay function, which allows for maximum consistency every time. 

You can also achieve this stylised look with our StyleShoots Eclipse machine, ideal for smaller products shot on a white or coloured backdrop. The 360 turntable and 4-axes camera movement provide all the angles you need for the perfect creation. Also controlled by an iPad™, you can experiment with lighting, camera angle positioning. Our expert team and stylists are on hand to direct this content for you, or assist you in the flat lay photography process from start to finish!

Flat lay photography images are essential to e-commerce stores, providing customers with a good understanding of individual products with no distraction. No-background content provides huge amounts of flexibility for individual creative outputs and brand identity, allowing flexibility in design use across your social media channels, web stores, marketplace and e-concession stores. They are also a key image type for earning editorial features, media coverage and conducting other PR efforts.

"The Flat Lay Machine is incredible. It's easy to use and works with so many different types of products. The instant clear cut is such a win and really reduces any post production required."
Melissa Gillion, Weave & Co