Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay Photography

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Showcase from above.

Both our Horizontal and Eclipse studios offer content creation from a birds eye view. Capture automatically clear cut images, crisp white background images or get creative with coloured cards and textures. Whatever your desired outcome, our team is on hand to help you achieve the perfect flat lay photo. 

Horizontal has built-in editing features that are designed to save you hours of post production time. The incredible software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo as soon as you tap the capture button.

Eclipse is ideal for zoom roll over shots and highly detailed product photos that you would prefer to shoot on a crisp white ecommerce background. With incredible zoom capabilities, you can capture intricate details, textures and features at a high-quality. 

Both options have a flat lay photography setup designed to make content creation easy. The user-friendly iPad interface allows you to experiment with different camera angles, brightness settings and lighting at the touch of a button. Whatever effect you desire for your flat lay photos, we can achieve. Adding to the efficiency, the attached iPad also contains a live view that shows your work and styling in real time. Each time you make a change or adjust a product you get to see exactly what the camera does. No surprises, just beautiful content as expected. Clear cut images are essential to ecommerce stores, providing customers with a good understanding of individual products and distraction. No-background images provide huge flexibility for individual creative outputs. Designers are given the ability to position products anywhere within promotional or online web stores no matter the background. They are also a key image type for earning editorial features, media coverage and conducting other PR efforts. White ecommerce backgrounds are the best option for consistent content with limited post production and easy upload. 

Flat Lay photography taken to a new level.

Like all of our technology, you can completely change up the set by simply adding a piece of coloured card, textured fabric or any other prop relevant to your products. Considering how quick it is to add a backdrop to the table, it makes sense to create engaging social media content at the same time as your ecommerce flat lays. 

You can even experiment with different styling techniques like grouping and stacking which work well when trying to showcase a series or collection of products. For garments, a more relaxed fold or scrunch look can also be great to show textures and makeup of different fabrics and weights. Designed for ease of use, there are no limitations. Styling is made easy by the ability to access your product from any angle. Walk right around the Horizontal machine, or lift open any door of the Eclipse machine and adjust as needed. No more styling on the floor, no more sore knees, it’s easy flat lay photography that provides high-quality results. Our expert team of stylists and creatives is on hand to assist you in achieving these visions. 


  • Ability to add coloured backdrops and props
  • Automatic clear-cutting on our flat lay machine 
  • capture details and textures
  • iPad operated camera and lights

“The Flat Lay Machine is incredible. It’s easy to use and works with so many different types of products. The instant clear cut is such a win and really reduces any post production required.”

– Melissa Gillion, Weave & Co