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For those products best shown from above. The Horizontal machine is our flat lay machine. A large table capable of photographing products measuring up to 1110 x 1650mm and surrounded by colour balanced and software controlled LED lights. The imaging is taken care of with the built in professional series Canon camera and Canon ‘L’ series lens. The backlit glass bed works in conjunction with the software to automatically create perfectly clear cut photos.

Like all our other machines, the dedicated iPad™ and software allows for a super easy operating experience so the stylist can focus on the product. Overlays can be saved allowing our returning customers to style their products consistently every time, with the ability to save custom presets and export files to any number of file formats and sizes. The software will even apply custom digital shadows to ground your products with complete control over blur, opacity and offset. Horizontal is at waist height, and ergonomically designed. Complicated flat-lays and tricky products can be handled at an ergonomic height, allowing for efficient image production throughout the day.  From apparel to FMCG to Food and Beverage. This machine can do it all. You can set the scene here too and stylise the look with fabrics, paper or props to create beautiful creative flat lays to showcase your products.

Flat Lay photography of home decor and furniture items
Creative Flat Lay photoshoot using automated photographic machines
Clear cut outfit flat lay creative photography for social media and e-commerce
BTS clients using the StyleShoots Flat Lay automated photography machine at Asset Factory
Crop of a creative flat lay styled at Asset Factory for New Balance NZ
ecostore rose beauty and pharmaceutical products photographed at Asset Factory studio

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