Our Profoto StyleShoots™ Horizontal Machine

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Our Profoto StyleShoots™ Horizontal machine is designed for the products best shown from above. Complicated flat lays and tricky products can be handled at an ergonomic height, allowing for efficient image production and accurate styling every shoot. Simply lay your product out on the table and use the iPad’s live view to watch your styling in real-time. Overlays can be saved and seen on the live view to ensure consistency. Similarly to all our other machines, the dedicated iPad and software allows for a super easy operating experience. Focus on the styling and let the technology handle all the complexity. Adjust and experiment with the lighting, brightness and zoom at the tap of a button. Once ready, tap the capture button and the backlit glass bed will get to work automatically clear-cutting your image within seconds. 

An easy operating experience so the stylist can focus on the product.

Save custom presets and export files to any number of formats and sizes. The software will even allow you to apply custom digital shadows that ground your products with complete control over blur, opacity and offset. 

These flat lays can be merged with props and accessories to produce creative photography suited for social media and promotional activities. Creative food photography, fashion, apparel and accessories photography, homeware and more. The table is just a starting point.

Special features:

  • Automatically clear cut results
  • iPad operated lighting and zoom
  • Overlays saved for consistent styling
  • Canon EOS camera for consistent and accurate colour representations
  • Live view to watch your styling in real-time
  • Barcode scanner to automatically catalogue your products
Clear cut outfit flat lay creative photography for social media and e-commerce
BTS clients using the StyleShoots Flat Lay automated photography machine at Asset Factory