“Seeing the online success our customers enjoy validates the decision we made in 2016 to launch Asset Factory. We are changing the way ecommerce retail is enabled for the better and supporting local brands to shine.”

– Jo Mackie, Founder & Operations Director at Asset Factory

Jo Mackie,

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Jo has deep technical experience and an intimate knowledge of the operating aspects of our automated technology. Jo’s experience and leadership make her the ideal person to lead overall management of the Asset Factory ship. 

Andy Mackie,


Andy has been living and breathing content production for retail his entire career and brings his experience and passion to play in his role in supporting Jo and the team on the ongoing development of Asset Factory’s service offering. 

Mariah Templonuev,

Production Coordinator

With a background in agency production departments, Mariah has that unique combination of being both creative and organised. She is at the heart of supporting our customers to get the best results from their time at Asset Factory.  

Nadine Scretching,


With extensive experience in the New York fashion scene, Nadine brings a wealth of knowledge in both retail and design. After fifteen years in the industry Nadine’s skills make her the perfect stylist and creative director for all your content creation needs.

Our purpose -

The customer’s expectation for world class content has accelerated the evolution of retail. Brands are having to produce more content, faster and better than ever before. At Asset Factory, our purpose is to surpass this expectation. To challenge norms and push boundaries. We make the customer experience as good as it can be for digital commerce retail. 

We provide the technology and support that enables our local brands to compete on the world stage, across all market segments. It’s not just your online web store anymore. It’s social commerce, engaging digital content, brand awareness campaigns and consistent customer experiences from the digital world into the retail and storefront world. Liberate yourself from the traditional content production processes and ecommerce barriers. Let’s work together to develop ideas that drive consumer demand and communicate your brand stories in ways never before experienced. This is only the beginning.

We’re here to support your content creation journey. Get in touch with us today.