Product Photography


Product photography, E-commerce, Social Media and PR.

Product photography is the key asset required to promote and sell your products online, in printed material, to send to your stockists, for use on marketplace or to supply to media for coverage in upcoming editorial features.

Displaying your brand’s aesthetic in a cohesive way forms the link to the product design and function. It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase unique features that may not be immediately obvious at a glance. An ingredient, the contents, purpose or scenario for application. You can use still life product photography across social, online, marketplace, e-concession store, PR and is by far your most versatile content piece. Our role is to capture your product imagery, optimise it and deliver the best consumer experience online and offline. Emphasise product features from every angle with complete consistency across all of your assets. Shoot anything from clothed ghost mannequins to footwear, wine bottles, bags, hardware, technology, food and beverages and much, much more.

While you’re shooting your product in our StyleShoots machines, you can see a live-overlay of your ‘control’ photo to reposition every other product perfectly for total control over consistency and a professional-looking visual presence.

"Asset Factory's knowledge about the retail industry is second to none. Their stance has helped me open up to new opportunities within the space and taught me how to best hold a business within the retail market.
Hamish Davies, Managing Director at Porter Packaging

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