On-Model Photography


On-Model Photography for e-commerce, social media, in-store digital signage, campaign studio and location. 

Our StyleShoots Live machine creates captivating and engaging studio video and still life imagery in a matter of minutes. By condensing a photo and video studio into one, the speed and efficiency of showcasing your products is unparalleled. This automated video and photo studio is a customisable arena. No more running between sets or changing your set up, the machine works alongside your creatives and stylists to produce fully-edited content ready for your website, social channels and digital signage. Operated entirely by an iPad with customisable lighting controls, angles and zoom are all within a simple touch of a button. Save your settings and switch seamlessly between your templates to maximise consistency and efficiency. The Live machine’s stage is just a starting point for your wildest creative visions. Simply add a backdrop to add a Profound pop of colour. The opportunities are endless! Be creative and stage with props, furniture, flooring, materials to create an entirely different and boutique look. Our expert team and stylists are on hand to direct this content for you, or assist you step by step, creating quality and unique On-Model Photography.

On-Model photography shows garments and accessories as part of an outfit, letting you easily create social media content and e-commerce images for promotional purposes. It provides customers with product confidence, human scale and assists in add-on sales. Clothing is made to be worn, allow your audience to envision themselves in garments, be inspired and follow that call to action and click to purchase. 

“Asset Factory has been integral in maintaining our online and digital connection with customers by making the creation of content and high quality imagery of garments an easy, quick and pain free experience.”
Benny Castles, Director & Designer of WORLD