Video Production Services

Professional video that tells your story.

Create high-quality, professional video at the same time as your stills using our Live and Eclipse studios. These creative video studios have built-in software that handles the complexities faced when operating traditional equipment. With both stills and moving assets all being captured in the same set, the colour accuracy and consistency is unparalleled. Your videos will be automatically edited, stitching each frame together and fading in and out where required. 360 degree product video, professional model video, creative video and everything else in between is made easy with automation. Providing professional video production services with incredible results.

Live brings motion to your fashion and apparel, sports and technical wear, homeware and furniture, product development and conceptual product lines. This automated creative video studio is a customisable arena. No more running between sets or changing your set up, the machine works alongside your creatives and stylists to produce fully-edited and ready to upload content. Operated entirely by an iPad™, lighting, angles and zoom are all within the simple touch of a button. Save your settings and switch seamlessly between templates to maximise consistency and efficiency.

Eclipse produces cinematic video for all of your smaller products. Fully customisable video production sequences are edited automatically and the same controls that are available on the Live machine are also seen on the iPad attached to Eclipse. With a touch controlled turntable, 360 degree product photography video is easy. This video production service can handle any smaller product including pharmaceuticals, personal care and beauty, fashion accessories including shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewellery, food and beverages, FMCG and homeware.

Unique videos keep your audiences engaged. Key metrics like duration on site, brand trust, advocacy, conversion rates and significantly lower returns make video a hidden gem that every brand should be a part of. A combination of great imagery and video is what sets your brand apart. Test out our different video production services today. Our team will walk you through the process. 

Your unique and creative video studio.

Indoor model photography has never been so easy and efficient. No more running between sets, the automated technology works alongside your creatives and stylists to produce fully-edited content ready for any digital channel within seconds.

The live view sets this creative video studio apart. See exactly what the camera sees, style in real-time and make adjustments on the fly. If you have your phone nearby, use the quick send feature to send the image directly to it. Within seconds you can have the file ready to upload. It’s a commercial model photoshoot that’s automatically edited, on-brand and ready in a flash. 

This automated video and photo studio is a customisable arena. The white stage is just a starting point. Simply switch up the background, add flooring, furniture, props and accessories to create an entirely different experience. Endless lighting opportunities are available at the touch of a button. Our team of experts has produced an excellent guide to get you started. You can view that here.


  • Video increases sales
  • Video increases brand trust by showing the true nature of the product
  • Social Media video is more likely to be shared than stills and text
  • Video allows you to get creative and tell your brand story
  • Unique creative opportunities at the touch of a button

“The real deal maker for me is having video shot at the same time as the stills. I don’t have to do any post production or selects, it’s all done as I shoot. A massive timesaver.”

– Marc van der Putten, Business Development Manager at STORM