Creative Content


Social Media photography, Banners, In-Store Digital Signage, E-commerce, Campaign and Creative.

This is such an important part of our story telling. Our aim is to take the consumer to the point of purchase within the digital space requiring us to bridge the gap created by the physical space. The touch and feel and smell are the sensory engagements that can only exist from the physical store and so our role here is to create the engagement that affects the consumers perception, judgment and behaviour. As the channels continue to converge, our defining moment is to create an experience that allows our customers to shop where they engage and this requires a seamless brand experience across all of these channels.

Use a combination of creative photography and video; take time to imagine and put yourself in the consumers shoes. Asset Factory and our technology exists to enable brands to build advocacy through beautiful imagery and our team is here to help assist!

"Asset Factory was the perfect place to create consistent, high-quality imagery. We've been able to use the imagery and video created across our e-commerce platform and in customer newsletters and on social media."
Charlotte Pecover, Digital & Social Manager at Flooring Xtra