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By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed and efficiency of your shoot is unparalleled. The magic of Live is in its simplicity of operation. Everything that exists with a traditional photography set, including the camera and lights, is all easily and beautifully controlled by the software on Live’s dedicated iPad. Even the file exports can be tailored specifically to the individual customer’s needs. This means consistent stills and videos are produced, ready for online and social media at the tap of a button. Live’s stage is a fully customisable arena. The ability to change the flooring and backdrops allows you to creatively design whatever look you desire. We’ve photographed everything from cocktail bars, to furniture and room sets, so the opportunities to create fast moving beautiful content is endless. 

Create stunning photos and videos of your models or large product in minutes.

The machine works alongside your stylist, your videos are auto-edited on the fly, it’s all instantly ready for review.

Automation Machine for Model photography and video in Auckland
E-commerce fashion model photography services in Auckland and New Zealand
Furniture and set design photoshoot BTS image of the styling and equipment
Children's clothing model photoshoot photography and video services at Asset Factory
Creative on-model campaign photography with fabric backdrop
Model BTS image during fashion photoshoot on coloured backdrop
Product photography of bikes and large sporting equipment
Flower product photography BTS image on the StyleShoots Live Machine