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Our Live Machine captures still life photos and video of incredible quality, utilising the same user friendly software application. Live’s dedicated iPad™puts the user in control allowing the photoshoot to be directed in perfect symmetry to your brand guidelines and aesthetic.

Choose from pre-set video edits or create your own photo style, then adjust the lighting to suit the size of each subject. Your studio lighting, recording settings and file types can be saved then quickly re-loaded when changing between models or recalled at your next Asset Factory visit for complete consistency.

Live contains a customisable Skylight with 6 high-CRI LED panels to illuminate the backdrop to control grading and the foreground to control shadow. The vertically-aligned Striplights either side control the subject lighting. All software controlled through the same intuitive and simple iPad™ 

The stage is now yours. Style the Live Machine to achieve the best art direction for your content’s final purposes and your brand. Fashion Model photography, Set Design, Large products, FMCG, Furniture and more. Choose a clean and simple set with your choice of paper roll backdrops for e-commerce imagery or bring something more adventurous for campaign imagery. Hang fabric, floral walls or printed photographic scenes. You can prop the stage and lay flooring, create room sets..the options are endless.

Automation Machine for Model photography and video in Auckland
E-commerce fashion model photography services in Auckland and New Zealand
Furniture and set design photoshoot BTS image of the styling and equipment
Children's clothing model photoshoot photography and video services at Asset Factory
Creative on-model campaign photography with fabric backdrop
Model BTS image during fashion photoshoot on coloured backdrop
Product photography of bikes and large sporting equipment
Flower product photography BTS image on the StyleShoots Live Machine

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