Our Vertical Machine

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Your one-stop-shop for clear cut mannequin photography. Vertical has a dedicated iPad with a live view showing the product in real-time. At the touch of a button, the software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo automatically. Software-controlled LED lighting surrounds the products, with the inclusion of a neck light to light the inside of the neckline or waistline of your garments. 

The combination of our Vertical machine and Ghost Mannequins is an indispensable combination.

Vertical can be used with a range of mannequins customised to work specifically with the machine, or it can be adaptable to simply use your own. With a built-in barcode scanner, naming your images is managed automatically, or alternatively key in specific product names of your choice. Export your files in your choice of file type and size.

iPad operated Ghost Mannequin photography fashion shoot
Creative fashion photography of floating or hanging dress from NZ fashion brand Wynn Hamlyn
Ghost Mannequin photography services at e-commerce studio Asset Factory
Creative fashion hanging photography of clothing streetwear
BTS on the ghost mannequin machine creating creative hanging shots of fashion clothing
Creative fashion photography and styling of floating short and tee set - street fashion photography services in Auckland
Ghost Mannequin photography of women's swimwear - green one-piece swimsuit
Creative Fashion photography at Asset Factory studio
High-vis workwear mannequin photography for e-commerce and wholesale sales