W by Working Style

After 34 years in menswear, Working Style have launched their collection of impeccably tailored garments for women. Unleashing their feline side.

After 34 years as New Zealand’s leading menswear brand, W by Working Style has launched. W is a fresh, new collection made up entirely of impeccably tailored garments for women. Made in Portugal by one of the worlds leading ateliers, all the garments are carefully considered, elegant and made to order. Make an appointment to meet a W tailor and create your perfect wacdrove. Our your beverage of choice, you will be supported in creating the perfect wardrobe, knowing that everything will be taken care of, from delivery to tailoring. When you enter the W by Working Style showroom, it’s all about you. The process is simple. Book an appointment with a W tailer. Complete an initial fitting and consultation where the W team guide you through the process. Review and adjust the garments once they are ready and then receive your final products.

Creating W by Working Style was motivated by the desire to support women who are looking for high-quality tailored garments. W offers the best quality fabrics available in the world, which is exactly the same for our mens range. They are garments and fabrics that fit perfect. There is a gap in contemporary tailoring for women, and women are so busy. We’re busy in our professional lives and our home lives. Our showroom was designed to give women an experience that is all about them. No one else.
- Sharon Orquej, Director of W by Working Style

The W team were inspired by our recent lighting guide. This guide talks through the importance of lighting your subject and showcases some of the opportunities that are possible using our technology. Get studio quality content, but shoot it yourself. That’s exactly what W by Working Style did. We are proud to have now shot the on-model content for both the mens and women’s ranges for two seasons now. Utilising the ability to capture both video and stills at the same time. We cannot wait to see what other creative ideas the team come up with for the next one!

You can shop the womenswear collection on their website now.

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