Using our Vertical & Horizontal machines for high-quality consistent clear cut results.

Uniform ghost mannequin photography of blue shirt with tie at back
Uniform ghost mannequin photography of full piece gown in blue front shot

Arrow uniforms use both our DIY and Drop & Run services to capture content. When using Drop & Run, the Wellington based team send up all their garments, and our stylists quickly get to work prepping and shooting all the items to a specific brief and image guideline. To shoot themselves, a team member will fly up and capture content all at the touch of a button. To learn more about our technology and services, click here.

Uniform mannequin photography of green gown - back shot showing tie
Uniform ghost mannequin photoshoot in auckland showing a hospital gown
Mens uniform shot on Ghost Mannequin photography Auckland
Ghost Mannequin photography of black shirt uniform
Ghost Mannequin photograph of supermarket uniform auckland
Mannequin photography of uniform workwear
Hat with mask for kitchen - product photography side shot
Hat with mask for kitchen - product photography front shot
Hat with mask for kitchen - product photography back shot
Group of ties on white background photography
group of ties stacked photography
black and white stripe apron
blue and white stripe apron photography
pinstripe apron clothing photography
Nurse uniforms in light blue and dark blue photography flat lay
COVID mask for high-risk uniforms

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