Kitchen and bathroom fittings, furnishings and accessories with an ideal blend of form and function. 

Soap Dish photographed in auckland studio
Black soap dish photography kitchen
Black robe hook photograph from Auckland studio
Matte Black robe hook photography kitchen and bath

The Kitchen Hub needed to photograph a small collection of handles for their e-commerce store. Our Eclipse Machine and Drop & Run service offered the team with the perfect content creation solution. After sending their product to us, our expert team of stylists quickly got to work taking high-quality and detailed shots at multiple different angles. Our team then edited the images ready for upload. Whether you have one product or thousands, we have services to suit every business. 

photograph of gold soap dish for ecommerce
The Kitchen Hub New Zealand Auckland studio photography of soap dish
Shiny Gold door hook product photography
Gold robe hook photographed in Auckland Studio
Gold towel rail photographed in Auckland New Zealand Studio Asset Factory
Gold towel rail angled photograph for ecommerce and social media
ecommerce and social media content creation of a gold towel holder
Gold towel rail photographed in Auckland Studio Asset Factory NZ
Matte Black towel rail front on photograph in Auckland studio
Matte Black towel rail photographed on an angle
Matte Black small towel trail studio photography for the Kitchen Hub NZ
Matte Black small towel trail studio photography for the Kitchen Hub New Zealand

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