Checking in: Storm

Checking in part two: Storm. Meet Deborah Caldwell, Founder of Storm! Today we sit down and chat with Deb about her brand, her why and how she’s navigating these strange times.

Tell us about yourself and Storm!

My name is Deborah Caldwell and I started STORM in 2005. I’ve always been a part of the New Zealand fashion industry, and noticed a gap in-between middle to high end for women’s clothing that had a unique aesthetic that was still high quality whilst maintaining realistic pricing – and that’s how STORM was created.

What is your why?

Seeing other women feel confident and helping them achieve that through the one big decision we have to make every day: “what am I going to wear?”

Do you have any advice for navigating these strange times?

My team and I are having daily Zoom meetings; it’s nice to keep the work atmosphere alive and stick to some kind of routine – we’re trying to create a new normal for our workdays. My top tip is to not put too much pressure on yourself! It’s actually quite challenging working with a team in different locations – because everything takes longer. I’m also finding exercise really beneficial – I’ve been walking a lot around the neighbourhood and attempting a few online F45 classes, much to the humour of my son.

What inspires you?

Fabric inspires me. All of my designs start with the fabric – I’m a very tactile person. Our trips overseas are probably my biggest source of inspiration. With that now not possible I’m going back through the archives to reset my mind about fabrications and shapes and using that to come up with new combinations.

And what’s next?

Trying to navigate the new retail landscape that is ahead of us – which can be daunting but is also as equally exciting and inspiring as we work out what our new normal is. It’s going to be different but that isn’t a bad thing.

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