Checking in: Hej Hej

Checking in part one: Hejhej. We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our Asset Factory family hej hej! Today we are checking in with Co-Founder Alice to chat about all things linen, colour and her inspiring community of powerful women.

Tell us about hej hej!

hej hej was founded by a couple of Kiwi gals in 2018 – one based in Shanghai (Kiki), and the other in Auckland (Alice). We offer a collection of colourful, luxurious pieces that are effortless to wear and full of personality. 

What is your why?

We always thought fashion should be more playful and fun. Our goal is to bring more color and personality into the world!

Do you have any advice for navigating these strange times?

Take it day by day! Things change by the day at the moment so set daily to-do’s and goals and just focus on the now.

Who (and what) in our community inspires you?

We launched our brand at the same time as Natalie from Mina and we love everything she is doing. Another friend Frances recently launched her beautiful, thoughtful brand LoClaire. Both girls are hand working, kind and have amazing brand ethos.

What’s next?

We recently opened our first ever store at BLOC in Mt Eden. This was a huge step for us and we can’t wait to get back in there after the lockdown. For us, as with many brands, this year will be about survival. We will use it as a chance to step back and refocus before we continue to take over the world one linen dress at a time!

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Over the next few weeks, we will be regularly checking in with our local community, brands and the people behind them! Stay connected, and keep an eye out…

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