Carbon Soldier is a New Zealand based brand specialising in newborn to fourteen year old children’s clothing. Barbara McCamish, creative genius behind the brand, designs her clothing to be passed down through generations; setting their own trends their pieces are a mix of something edgy, sophisticated and timeless. The brand started with Australian stockists, but more recently switched their seasons around to crack the Northern Hemisphere. Attending international trade shows yearly, the brand now has products stocked in some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful children’s stores. “It’s a gift, to be able to have a career pursuing your passion is incredible.” – Barbara McCamish.

Each season Carbon Soldier shoots their new range using our automated photography equipment. The team come in using our DIY service and choose to prep, style and shoot their own products. With iPad operated controls, capturing content this way is simple, and fast. Simply adjust the camera and brightness at the touch of a button and then click capture. We then support the team to export their images at the desired file sizes. Each image is then almost instantly uploaded to their international web store.

The efficiency and adaptability of our machines make it simple to work across multiple setups in just one day. The team will often shoot model content on our Live machine, quality followed by the rack being dragged into the other room to capture the flat lay versions.

The Live Machine provides endless creative opportunity for Carbon Soldier. Using coloured backdrops and the cutest models, the brand really expresses their seasonal story. Each season uses a different colour and props to suit. Barbara said, “I’m inspired by a lifetime of experiences. My family and friends are creatives so I grew up being encouraged to experiment with everything”.

The Horizontal Machine captures the perfect image for ecommerce. Instantly clear cutting your products, this machine is an excellent time saving tool. Not only do Carbon Soldier make great use of the machines efficiency, but they are also using customisable export settings. In other words, they are exporting both their ecommerce images and thumbnail images directly off the machines; ready for instant, no-fuss uploading!

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