#togetherwecreate with Melissa Gardy

Together we create with Great Full and their amazing community of kiwi creatives. Meet Melissa Gardy, Founder of Great Full. We sat down to chat with Melissa about her brand, aspirations and amazing community of makers.

Meet Melissa Gardy, Founder of Great Full. We sat down to chat with Melissa about her brand, aspirations and amazing community of makers.


About Great Full:

Great Full was founded just over a year ago in an effort to bring creatives together to collaboratively create collections where 100% of the profits go to causes that we care about in New Zealand; that are close to all kiwis in one way shape or form, and that affect us all.

Great Full started with wanting to give back to our community, where we are provided with so much. We all want to give back at different points of our life, to do something meaningful. So, it was time for me to consider how. This country is full of all these talented people – whether they’re creatives, scientists, artists or builders. Essentially I thought “Well, if I created a way for people to come together then we can do something that’s made in New Zealand and do something to help others.” That’s where it all started.

“Individually we can do something good, but together we can do something great. That’s what I say with Great Full.”



Baby Clothing for StarShip Hospital:

The first project last year was for StarShip. I was a relatively new mum and after going through some complications, I was introduced to New Zealand’s health care system. I was completely overwhelmed with how incredible it is, especially when you compare to places like the States where I’m from originally.

“Having a child I just thought that it was a great place to start, doing something for children and babies.”

I asked 5 New Zealand designers to each contribute a print, and then I worked with the local pattern makers, screen-printers, machinists, and cutters; and then all in New Zealand we had a limited edition collection of baby onesies made. We also tried to be very mindful about all our methods and after thinking about how we would use the off-cuts, we decided to make some beanies as well. All our items are sold online, on Great Full’s website. Each designer also took some in-hand. 100% of the profits go to StarShip, and so far Great Full has raised over $16,000.



Bum Huggers for Bowel Cancer New Zealand:

I got a call from Bowel Cancer New Zealand, and when talking to them I learnt that it kills more people in New Zealand than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined. In fact, it’s the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in New Zealand. It’s really under-funded and affecting people younger and younger every day. A lot of what we do is funding research for finding cures, but we’re also committed to raising awareness of important issues in our community and associated charities. To support Bowel Cancer New Zealand, we decided to do undies –I just thought underwear makes sense; it’s a way we could do something fun with a serious subject.

Great Full shooting clothing on the Horizontal Photography Machine

Using Asset Factory:

With Asset Factory you can be creative and tell a story with the images you create here. But, I think it’s also important to remember how vital the basics are. Because of the technology and what machines offer, you can create crystal clear, sharp, product imagery. When a customer is parting with their money they need that, especially with ecommerce. If you can’t get up close to touch a particular garment or item and to look at the detail, you have to be able to offer that in an image. Asset Factory does that, Asset Factory offers that.


“I do this for gratitude. My community inspires me. It’s what we can do together, what we can achieve and how we can support one another. I don’t think that there’s a better time than now for people to live that approach.”



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