The Sleepover team create content across all four of our machines, achieving beautiful e-commerce and social imagery and video. We are proud to provide The Sleepover with consistent, high-quality and fast content.

We are excited to share the beautiful content from our Asset Factory family member, The Sleepover NZ! Daylight Moon launched in 2020 and is the #1 Luxury Satin Pyjama Sets & Robes in NZ. Bridal Party Robes, Silky Satin PJs & Gift Sets.  Our Live Machine was the perfect solution to provide the team with fun, high-quality and consistent content. Live is also a completely customisable arena. Adding a coloured backdrop and some beautiful props transformed the space. The team also use our Vertical & Horizontal machines to capture Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin images of every garments. Our Eclipse Machine also captures detailed images and video of smaller accessories and gift boxes.

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