Using both our Machines and traditional photography, we are proud to help WORLD create beautiful content.

Women's fashion model studio photoshoot wearing WORLD brand New Zealand
Women's fashion model studio photoshoot wearing lime green jumper and patterned jeans
Women's fashion model studio photoshoot wearing floral pants, red tee and black blazer over the top
Women's fashion model studio photoshoot wearing floral pants and grey button up tee-shirt
Womens fashion on model photography in studio
Model female wearing patterned suit on-model photography

Iconic NZ brand WORLD creates fashion with a bold personality across menswear, womenswear and accessories. To show off their wares, WORLD uses our live machine. The aim with the examples here was to create content for ecommerce and social media that communicated their persona. As you can see, together we nailed it. For more detailed visuals, that focus on garment only, WORLD also used our vertical machine to produce clear cut ghost mannequin imagery. WORLD was established in Auckland in 1989 by Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Francis Hooper. Fuelled by their energy and passion, their vision and work has seen their label develop from a cupboard at the back of an arcade, to one of the leading fashion houses in New Zealand.

WORLD brand New Zealand photoshoot in studio Auckland
Male Fashion on-model photography in studio wearing blue vest, yellow shirt and blue pants
WORLD BRAND Male Fashion on-model photography in studio Asset Factory
Male Fashion on-model photography in studio wearing striped shirt with black blazer and matching pants
Denim coat over a brown top and green pants from WORLD brand
Poker-dot dress from WORLD Brand in the colour blue
Green Dress with a Blue tailored jacket over the top from WORLD brand
sequinned dress from WORLD brand paired with a black loose jacket
checkered suit from WORLD
blue suit womens from WORLD brand
black shirt and checkered black and white pants from WORLD brand
black, white and grey dress from WORLD Brand
Mens striped pants with a pastel multi coloured shirt tucked in from WORLD brand
Chocolate Brown shirt with multicoloured pattern, pairedd with tailored pants from WORLD Brand
Checkered Black and White suit from WORLD Brand - mens
Multicoloured short-sleeved shirt untucked with loose fitting striped shorts from WORLD Brand

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