Welcome to the Family - May 2024

Asset Factory continues to welcome on board many new customers in retail, wholesale and across multiple verticals to its Auckland and Melbourne studios, with April and May being no exception.
With more and more new customers being referred from brands that have experienced our unique approach to creating beautiful content, we are deeply grateful and thankful for all the love that is being shared around our communities. 
We are excited about the innovative ideas and creativity these businesses contribute to the e-commerce space. Join us in discovering the unique stories behind some of these brands.

Good Reason Co

Good Reason Co is a fun, nostalgic gifting brand with a 70s vibe, dedicated to sending good vibes to good people for no good reason. If you're hunting for a cool, unique, funny, and personal gift, build your own box or choose one of the pre-selected bundles.

Founders Claire & Nicko’s story began in Melbourne during lockdown, with two little ones under two. They spent their time drinking all the wine and eating all the chocolate, wanting to send something to their friends who were doing the same – stuck at home with new babies, missing birthdays, dealing with hospital stays, forgetful husbands, and breakups.

Amidst a house renovation and keeping two needy kids alive, they created this brand to reflect their personalities and love for unique gifts. They’re not a hamper company. They don’t send caramelised pistachios and quince paste. They send good wines, good vibes, and a few other goodies – simply to give a good laugh.

Because there is always a good reason to celebrate.

Good Reason Co opted for our Drop and Run service, creating these image assets using our Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse Machine.

VALA Equestrian

VALA Equestrian believes every woman deserves to feel confident and stylish while riding. Their mission is to create an elevated wardrobe of equestrian essentials focused on wearability and functionality, offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Frustrated by uncomfortable riding wear, founder Bec, with her fashion background at Ralph Lauren, created VALA to complement women's bodies. VALA aims to be the ultimate destination for equestrian wardrobe essentials, empowering riders of all backgrounds. 

Join VALA in redefining riding wear and celebrating the joy and beauty of the equestrian world. VALA opts for our Drop and Run service, utilising all four Profoto StyleShoots™ machines to capture every aspect of their e-commerce photography.


SERENA DIEGO is a New Zealand-based sustainable luxury swimwear brand dedicated to creating timeless, elegant designs for environmentally conscious women. Their mission emphasises sustainability, integrity, and long-lasting fashion, focusing on ethical relationships with suppliers and prioritising environmental and community support.

SERENA DIEGO advocates for a mindful consumption culture, promoting the ethos of "Buy Less, Buy Responsibly, Make it Last." The brand continually seeks innovative practices to enhance sustainability, recognising their social responsibility in addressing the environmental impact of the fashion industry amidst the climate crisis. 

SERENA DIEGO shot their ghost imagery using our Profoto StyleShoots™ Vertical machine in our Auckland, New Zealand studio.

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