Welcome to the Family - January 2024

January brought a whirlwind of excitement as we rolled out the welcome mat for a plethora of vibrant brands across both our Kingsland, Auckland, and Richmond, Melbourne studios! Let’s dive into the magic that these amazing brands are set to unleash in the world of e-commerce. We cannot wait for the adventures awaiting us in the year ahead!


Neon Tiger

Meet your ultimate hangover hack: Recovery Shield by Neon Tiger. Neon Tiger is a new supplement brand crafted to combat hangovers, safeguard the liver, and facilitate post-drinking recovery. Combining the wisdom of the East with rigorous scientific research, this Australian-made solution is your go-to for hangover revitalisation. Neon Tiger utilised our Drop and Run Service for their creative imagery, where we used our Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse Machine.

Noode Supplements

Introducing Noode, a Melbourne-born brand with a commitment to straightforward, honest, and delicious natural supplements. Noode was created by founder Zara to simplify and infuse fun into your wellness journey. Say goodbye to confusing ingredient lists and overwhelming choices. It's all about the good stuff, plain and simple. Asset Factory Melbourne brought Noode Supplements' fun and playful images to life through our Drop and Run service, and we love the results!

Purley Lashes

Purley Lashes offers a range of lash growth and aftercare products designed to enhance your natural lash health and amplify fullness in your lashes. Purley Lashes used our Drop and Run service, shot on our Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse Machine, in our Melbourne studio.

Seersify Skincare

Elevate your skincare with Seersify, an Australian-based brand combining nature and science. Seersify will be launching effective, multi-benefited, transparent, and holistic skincare. Seersify opted for the Drop and Run service where we created curated elevated marketing assets.

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