Welcome to the Family - February 2024

Building upon the momentum from January, Asset Factory welcomed a dynamic array of new brands this February, in both our Kingsland, Auckland, and Richmond, Melbourne studios. We’re eager to see the innovation and creativity these additions will bring to the world of e-commerce. Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest!


Amberjack Candles

Elevate your space with the simple elegance of Amberjack Candles. Crafted in New Zealand since 2016, Amberjack Candles home fragrances offer effortless premium soy wax candles infused with bespoke fragrance oils. Vegan, clean, and genderless, each candle is meticulously crafted in small batches at their Paeroa factory. Amberjack Candles chose to use our Drop and Run service for their product imagery.

Good Roots

Unlock the secret to effortlessly fresh hair on-the-go with Good Roots Dry Shampoo. Compact and convenient, your hair will stay flawlessly refreshed no matter what. Good Roots chose our Drop and Run service in our Melbourne studio. The images were created using the Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse machine.

Kahlu Swim

Born in Melbourne, KAHLU embodies versatility, sustainability, and flexibility, infused with a touch of European flair. Designed with a deep understanding of the female form, it seamlessly moulds to your body, offering size adjustability and flattering every curve. KAHLU opted for the DIY option, utilising the Profoto StyleShoots™ Vertical machine to create their ghost images.

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