The Power of Ghost Mannequin Imagery: How we do it best

When executed with precision, ghost mannequin imagery becomes an essential asset for fashion brands’ e-commerce and marketing libraries. These images capture the essence of form, colour, and fit, allowing consumers to view products more accurately when shopping online. Ghost mannequin imagery serves as a versatile asset for fashion brands, integrating into EDMs, PR catalogues, social media platforms, and wholesale websites/platforms. Therefore, supplying quality ghost imagery ensures consistent product presence across these diverse channels.

So you might be wondering, what makes our ghost mannequin service different from the rest and traditional methods. 


Our Profoto StyleShoots™ Vertical machine automates ghost mannequin photography with ease. The photo studio is packed with built-in editing features, saving you time on post-production. Plus, the magic happens right before your eyes – thanks to the incredible software and backlit glass combo, your photos are clear-cut with just a tap of the capture button.

Our modular mannequins, composed of magnetic parts, allows for an effortless removal of unnecessary components, making styling garments a breeze. Additionally, you can style and witness your adjustments instantaneously using the live view display on the iPad to ensure there are no unexpected outcomes.

For added consistency, an overlay can be applied to the live view, allowing you to style your product to match the same shape, height, and structure as previous items. Streamlining the more technical aspects like camera zoom, brightness, and lighting is effortless with intuitive button controls, enabling you to adjust each element with a single swipe.


Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or wish to leave it entirely to us, Asset Factory will accommodate your needs.

With our DIY booking option, you can take control and utilise our space with the guidance and support of our expert team. 

Alternatively, our Drop & Run service provides a hassle-free, contactless experience – simply send us your products, and our skilled stylists will work their magic, crafting the ghost imagery content on your behalf.

Whatever option you choose, rest assured that our team is dedicated to delivering results that will exceed your expectations!

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