PORTFOLIO – Allpress Espresso

ALLPRESS ESPRESSO Product imagery, e-commerce and creative on our Eclipse Machine with Allpress. In celebration of AllPress’ 30th anniversary, the team designed a range of merchandising, which was shot on our Horizontal & Eclipse machine. AllPress made great use of the creative possibilities provided by the two machines. The stunning results are used for ecommerce […]

PORTFOLIO – Raw Artistry

RAW ARTISTRY Raw Artistry collaborates with artists and other creatives around NZ and the world to produce unique luxury goods in limited quantities. Fast turnaround and economic use of production time is important for businesses making small quantities, being able to photograph a series of products at once with no (or minimal) post-production increases the […]


STORM Shooting regurally on our Live Machine, the STORM team have increased sales and customer loyalty with two simple things: consistency and video. https://assetfactory.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/12336jkt-1080mp4-1.mp4 Armed with a clear vision and an understanding of how NZ women like to dress, Deborah Caldwell launched STORM in 2005, from her home in Auckland. Inspired by novelty fabrics, silks […]

PORTFOLIO – Moontide & Piha

MOONTIDE AND PIHA Moontide is passionate about swimwear and proud to have been New Zealand’s leading swimwear maker since starting to create iconic designs in 1980. Moontide shoot their beautiful on-model imagery & video on our Live Machine. This creates consistent and fun content for both their e-commerce channels and their social media. For a […]


CHECKING IN: MINX Today we are checking in with our friends at Minx! Designer Cushla Reed chats to us about her inspirations and why she does what she does! Tell us about Minx! Minx was launched in a small Wellington art Gallery back in 2000, in an era of chunky black ‘Spice girl’ black shoes […]


CHECKING IN: EARLS COLLECTION Checking in with EARLS COLLECTION! Introducing Earls Collection, another much loved member of our Asset Factory family! Today we check in with Josh Heares, Co-Founder and Manager Director, to chat all things brand, motivation and what’s keeping him inspired! Tell us about Earls Collection! I’m Josh Heares, Managing Director at Earls, […]


CHECKING IN: STORM Checking in with STORM! Meet Deborah Caldwell, Founder of Storm! Today we sit down and chat with Deb about her brand, her why and how she’s navigating these strange times… Tell us about yourself and Storm! My name is Deborah Caldwell and I started STORM in 2005. I’ve always been a part […]