Q & A: Gustav Concept

Hot desking or a home office, it can be a struggle to keep track of documents, tech – and your favourite pen. Gustav Concepts mobile desk organisers have been developed to not only store and transport necessary items, but operate as ergonomically designed laptop stands as well.

Conceptualised by Christian Pistauer, these handy items are designed to enable desks to be set up anywhere in a matter of seconds – and have been awarded a number of prestigious design awards for their beautiful craftsmanship and sustainable credentials. 

Judit Maireder, Gustav’s Co-Founder and Co-Director, spoke to us about developing a global market for an expanding product line and how the ease of Asset Factory’s DIY service enables them to keep up with creating the consistent content they need.

Tell us about the development of the mobile desk organisers. When did you get the idea and how did you bring it to market?

As a workplace strategist, Christian advised companies on how to adapt to the new working world. He was constantly on the lookout for mobile, flexible and innovative solutions. As desk sharing and agile work concepts grew, he saw that many organisations had a need for a mobile desk organiser. 

He started crafting the concept and together we started developing a product (series) that would be designed to meet the needs of people in this new work environment: mobile and portable, enhancing an ergonomic posture and personalised to each user. 

We launched to corporates in Australia and New Zealand in 2017, and soon had customers all over the world. In 2019 the demand for home offices was growing – this is before the pandemic –  another important sales channel for us. 

Mobile Desk organiser_Asset Factory

Your online store is focussed on the European market what are the challenges of operating an online store across New Zealand and Europe?

We operate our online store globally and products are sold and shipped around the world. We have a good customer base in Australia and New Zealand. However, our products are produced in Europe, as we are using very specialised production procedures for our wood, so from a marketing perspective we predominantly focus on Europe at this stage. 

What were you looking for in product imagery when it came to creating the online store? How does Asset Factory help with this?

With a pipeline full of new products to launch, Asset Factory has been, and is, a great partner for our product imagery. The consistency of the images, including video, and ease to work with the machines is a fantastic combination. Great value for a great quality!

What have been the benefits of using Asset Factory’s DIY service?  

Every team member can come and use the DIY service with our pre-settings in place, which is a huge benefit and gives us the flexibility we need. Once set up, it is quick and easy to operate, and the quality is always spot on. 

We absolutely love the service and I would recommend it to any business that has the need for product imagery.

How have you found the Eclipse machine to use?

I found it easy to use and manage on our own, it can be managed intuitively via the iPad. When we have a question, the team is always there to guide us, too.

What are your plans for the brand and where do you see the growing market?

The market is growing at an immense rate, with the majority of the workforce soon working hybrid, between the office and home office. Currently 70 percent of all new offices in Australia and NZ are following a concept of agile working – without a fixed desk. A new way of working needs a new way of thinking and that’s where Gustav comes in. 

We are currently in the final stages of developing a new product line and are expanding the category with new, innovative solutions for agile working – whether in home offices, desk sharing or hybrid work.

Gustav Concept use Asset Factory’s DIY service to capture their product range in both photography and video on the Eclipse Machine

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