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Meet YY Nation, the kiwi brand questioning material alternatives and sustainable solutions that are kinder to our earth. We sat down with General Manager, Kim Faiga, to chat about overcoming the traditional barriers of e-commerce with product photography and video.

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"What we’re really excited about is creating a customer experience that’s seamless across all online platforms. From social to E-commerce, an experience that’s enriched with content whether that be video imagery. We wholeheartedly believe we’ve achieved this with Asset Factory"
 - Kim Faiga, General Manager of YY Nation
Sustainable Footwear Brand YY Nation Shoe stack on pink paper
Product Photography Auckland Studio
Product Photography Auckland Kingsland

We are proud to capture beautiful content with Kim and the YY Nation team using our Eclipse Machine. The Eclipse Machine provides endless creative options, using coloured backgrounds and styling tools to create unique, clean and engaging content that represents the true voice of the YY Nation brand. This Machine also allowed us to save customised presets for all of the shoes, so every time the team was in to shoot, or sent us a product, we could capture it quickly and consistently. It’s easy – iPad operated, consistent, fast and high-quality content straight to market.

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