Together We Create

Who said work couldn’t be fun? Not us. Our passion for ecommerce and retail is at the centre of everything we do. Our studio is your second home, and our expert knowledge and advice is at your disposal…

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Our drive is to transform your digital channels. 

– To create consistent, high-quality imagery that helps you sell more.

– To create accurate videos that build and retain customer loyalty.

– To create creative and unique content that drives engagement on all your social channels.

STORM Gin e-commerce photograph with no post production
grey, green and black Porter James crew necks scrunched up together for a detail shot
Creative fashion hanging photography of clothing streetwear
ecostore soap creative styling photography services

It’s easy. Our machines are iPad operated, meaning the lights, camera and zoom can all be controlled at the touch of a button. Simply change up the background, add props and flooring to completely transform the set. Experiment with invisible wire, racks and other external tools to help bring your wildest creative visions to life. Our studio is your second home, and our expert knowledge and advice is at your disposal. 

“Asset Factory was the perfect place to create consistent, high quality imagery. We’ve been able to use the imagery and video created across our e-commerce platform as well as customer newsletters and social media.”

– Charlotte Pecover, Digital & Social Manager at Flooring Xtra