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New Zealand Fashion brand Harrïe & Sam recently shot their video and image content at Asset Factory. We are proud to be their one-stop-shop for all digital content.

The Harrie & Sam team on shoot

"Creating content for sites, socials and other platforms is priceless in a one stop shop. The step up in professionalism in displaying our product in this way I truly believe will increase our sales and help with out customer experience from web to deliver."
 - Stacey McIntosh, Designer and Co-Founder at Harrie & Sam.
New Zealand Fashion Brand Harrie and Sam, new season singlet and jeans on model

We sat down to chat with the incredible New Zealand Fashion brand and Co-Founder, Stacey McIntosh to chat all things content, inspiration and digital presence.


Who is Harrie and Sam?

Harrie and Sam is an 100% online made to order clothing store where customers purchase items from our website during a fortnightly pre-sale period, and the clothes are then made to size and shipped to the customer’s door within two and a half weeks. What started as a side hustle in 2017, Harrie and Sam was named after co-founders’ pet dogs (I still kinda cringe and laugh, Harrie is more human than dog). H&S is now a fully-fledged business –  which is now successful enough that I was able to quit my day job as an account manager in 2019 to focus on further growing the venture. The genesis of Harrie and Sam was a desire to create sustainable, but affordable, basics that women could wear over and over. Clothing made and designed in NZ. We felt there was a place in the clothing market for well-made, affordable basics, so we started the range with styles we felt comfortable wearing, and after they started selling, it was like we saw the clothing was resonating with others. After a year in business I became the sole owner and have learnt so much about the design, production process as well as what our customers want. The future is exciting. As a team we want to keep doing what we have been, making gals feel great in the process.



Who inspires you?

As cliché as it sounds. Loads of people. Mostly people who have skills that I admire & are prepared to share them around to help others. People who like to teach others their strengths and things that come naturally to them. In this industry being “untrained” I have had the pleasure in learning from a lot of different people. It’s really inspiring watching and listening to what people have learnt along the way through years of working hard. This ranges from fabric knowledge, pattern knowledge, making, cutting, tech. The list goes on. I have a belief, you cant do it all so why not be honoured by the presence of others skills and see what you can gain by having them help teach you. Pretty much inspired by anyone who is prepared to work hard, believe in what they do and someone who is passionate about what they do each day. It’s hard to find that level of care in something sometimes so seeing someone pursuing ‘the thing they love” is great.

Tell us about your experience and content creation process with Asset Factory.

I remember saying to Jo about 12 times in a row. “This is life changing” I mean… it really is, even if you sound like a broken record. I guess that repetition of “This is life changing” was a good indication in how effective this system is for businesses. Particularly who are solely online. For me, shoots are a BIG job. A enjoyable one, but she’s a big beast! Creating content for sites, socials and other platforms is priceless in a one stop shop. The imagery showed our product in its best light. The step up in professionalism in displaying our product in this way I truly believe will increase our sales and help with out customer experience from web to deliver. The images elevate the experience the consumer has with the product from a online point of view. Showing the product is such a clear way, the customers have very clear idea on what they are buying due to the colour matching, detailed images from a set up like Asset Factory. 

Let me also mention, I set myself a challenge of 60 garments, two models in one day. I then had a additional 15 garments to the side I urged myself to bring along as “top up” and we nailed it all with EXTRA time. One word efficient. Actually two…. Bloody efficient!
 - Stacey McIntosh, Designer and Co-Founder at Harrie & Sam.

World domination plans? 

Well I have never done things by halves. I am very passionate about what I do. I want to always be learning and evolving. Being open to new things is important to me so ill never say no to anything without taking it into consideration. I want Harrie and Sam to be a really well known. A brand that people speak fondly of and feel really GOOD in. If I can do this and have people feeling their best wearing it. Continue to grow as we have been each year, ill be happy with that being my little world domination plan.

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