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Our Eclipse Machine is your all-in-one content solution for fast, consistent and engaging imagery and video.


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Meet our multi-angle Eclipse Machine! Our Eclipse Machine is a true prodigy in small product photography and videography all in one self-contained package, ideal for small-medium sized products of any variety. Eclipse uses a silky smooth 4-Axis Robotic movement system with motorised lens zoom and an equally smooth turntable base to rotate your product. With your product front and centre, the camera, zoom, turntable and tilt & elevation track combine their movements to produce endless options of engaging photography angles and cinematic videos that show off your products’ best sides.

Increase sales and decrease returns. Video and multiple angles removes customer uncertainty. Product video increases the average time spent on your site, meaning they are more likely to convert and not return the product.

Product Photography on our Eclipse Machine ensures consistent content, angles and colours, season-to-season.

  • Saved presets – Set up your presets and press save! Lighting, framings and zoom are saved for all future visits. Replicate the exact set-up season to season.
  • Colour accuracy – The powerful Canon DSLR cameras deliver accurate colours. Plus with your stills and video all shot on the same set, they will always match. Combined, these accurate product representations give your customers consistent experiences, whilst building trust and reducing return rates.
  • Instantly-edited videos and stills – Advanced technology means the machine will handle all the technical duties. Your videos will always be edited the same way, timing and framings are always consistent with no post production required.

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