Huffer Campaign

We are excited to share some of the latest Huffer campaign, all shot on our Live Machine!

This month we hosted the Huffer team in the studio to capture their latest e-commerce and campaign content. Shooting beautiful white background e-commerce is easy using our Live Machine. Personalised presets that adjust to each model, consistent backgrounds and lighting. We had a ball as we watched Owner & Founder Steve Dunstan take charge of creative direction and really push the boundaries. Adding coloured backdrops and experimenting with different lighting took the content to a new level. Live’s new software update also allowed us to manually control exposure and ISO.

How Huffer works with Asset Factory: Huffer is Asset Factory’s first and longest-standing client. The team visits with their products, props and talent and opts for our DIY approach. They book out all four zones to set up a factory line. Efficiently moving products from the Vertical Machine or Horizontal Machine to the Live Machine and traditional studio in the same day. Huffer select final images on-site then export the selections in the file type variations once they’re happy with the results.

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