Q&A with Studio Manager: Lisa Morton

Film enthusiast Lisa Morton joins the Asset Factory family as Studio Manager – welcome Lisa. We asked Lisa a few questions to find out where she has come from, what she enjoys doing in her spare time, and what it is she loves about working in our Kingsland studio. 

What is your career background / where have you come from?

I have always been associated with creative industries, initially fashion, but moved into publishing and media in creative and editorial roles. Most recently I spent two years at the Auckland Writers Festival before joining Asset Factory.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love films, reading and travel. I am also very partial to eating out and particularly enjoy desert. Yoga is a very happy place for me too.

What excites you about joining the team?

Asset Factory combines many things I love and find inspiring. I have always enjoyed creative content projects that support business success in authentic ways, so it’s very similar to my work in publishing. The team and the clients are interesting to work with, and the projects diverse.

What is your role at Asset Factory, and what will your day to day look like? 

I am the Studio Manager which means I am responsible for ensuring we deliver on the projects. Working alongside our Studio Assistant, Alyssa, we are responsible and give 100% of our support to clients in the studio. I think of it as a combination of art and science. 

People should contact you if they want…….

Advice on the latest art house movie, and figuring out the next best slot for a shoot (contact us).