Our Machines provide the ecostore team with the freedom to get creative and style their own shoots. Using our Horizontal, Vertical and Eclipse Machine, Ecostore capture beautiful product imagery for digital banners, social channels and their e-commerce website.

ecostore creative product photography
Rose creative photography on flat lay machine Auckland
Creative flat lay product photography for childrens care health and beauty
ecostore rose product photography flat lay
ecopstore tote bag flat lay photography

Malcolm and Melanie Rands founded ecostore on New Zealand’s Northland coast in 1993. Part of a group that created an eco-village nestled in a valley dotted with streams and surrounded by native forest, the Rands set out to make their home as clean and green as the land they called home. By creating hardworking, highly effective products for people and their home, removing harmful or unnecessary chemicals, the ecostore ethos has always been to put people’s health first and give them the choice to live clean. ecostore approached Asset Factory looking for an efficient way to create imagery for their ecommerce website. They make great use of a mixture of our horizontal machine, vertical machine and eclipse machine. Coloured cardboard was chosen to frame ecostore’s mainly white products in a beautiful neutral setting. Their choice of props add notably to the visual aesthetic by communicating the context for usage as well as one of the most important aspects of their products: the fragrance.

ecostore pack photography clear cut for online shopping
ecostore large gift packs photographed for sale
group range pack shots for ecostore photographed
ecostore product photography range shots
ecostore baby health product photography full range
ecostore full range of home cleaning product photography
Womens health and beauty product photography and video for ecostore New Zealand
Product photography clear cut services for ecostore
ecostore shampoo bars photographed in studio and clear cut
product packaging photography and video for ecommerce
ecostore ecommerce photography creation
ecostore clear cut ecommercce content creation
Sustainable shampoo photography
sustainable packaging photography
sustainable shampoo bar photography for ecostore
ecostore new product photography
Baby health products from ecostore photography and content creation
content creation ideas for baby product from ecostore and Asset Factory flat lay
Flat Lay creative photography of soap products coconut scent
Shampoo and beauty product photography creative styling with greenery

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