Porter James Sports A1 content since day one.

Porter James Sports – a high quality blended streetwear and menswear brand founded by Joshua Heares. Based on the principle of ‘a life well designed’, Josh talks to us about how he works with Asset Factory to support creative content for ecommerce, and how this allows him to focus on further growing his brand.

What were the business requirements when looking to work with Asset Factory?

I wanted some extremely crisp-looking flat lays to use across my website and social media.

How was the production of Porter James Sports’ content operated/run beforehand? 

Fortunately, I’ve used Asset Factory since day one, so our ecommerce content has always been A1.

How did you find out about Asset Factory’s service and product? 

Funny story – I used to work with Andy about 12 years ago before he and Jo started Asset Factory, so I always kept an eye out for what he was up to.

How did you find working with the team? 

Highly personable and efficient. Jo has always brought a kind and welcoming nature to the business which makes the whole team enjoyable to work with.

What do you see as the main benefits of working with Asset Factory, and what has the technology allowed you/your brand to do? 

Establish a professional brand image from the get-go and ultimately contribute to the overall online user experience, improving conversion rates in the process.

What do you think the best thing is about the Drop and Run service?

Time management – it allows me to focus my attention elsewhere.

How has working with Asset Factory improved business efficiency (if it has)? 

It affords me to focus on my strengths by growing the business elsewhere, leaving ecommerce content to the professionals.

Have you seen any positive influence since working with Asset Factory on your asset requirements? (ie. sale increase, consumer engagement/experience, brand consistency/integrity)

Of course, however since we’ve been with them since day one it’s difficult to identify specific metrics.

If your time is needed elsewhere in your business, and you’ve been looking for a content creation solution talk to our team today about how we can help, or book a demo at our Auckland studio.