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According to Shopify, sales through social media are expected to triple by 2025. From TikTok to Instagram, the typical social media user now spends 15% of their waking life scrolling. 

So, what does this mean for your brand?

We know how effective engaging social content is in driving consumer demand. Previously, these assets have been created separately from what might be considered your more functional ecommerce images. But this creates an extra expense and risk of inconsistency. Our technology allows you to do it all at once. All four of our automated studios are controlled by an iPad. This means that lighting, camera angles and positions can be altered at the touch of a button. Grid lines and overlays can also be placed on the screen to ensure consistency and accurate positioning. It’s easy to interchange backgrounds and with props and equipment stored in our studio, you’ll never be too far away from an elevated result.

Engaging product photography on social media is 40% more likely to be shared and 75% more likely to convert potential customers.

Creating this sort of content doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as adding a coloured backdrop, different textures, small props or simply changing up the lighting. All of these elements will allow you to create dramatically different results with ease.

Our top tips:

1. Be relatable

Choose the relevant social channels for your audience and create the content that resinates with them the most. People want to see and understand your brand from a more personal perspective. Be real! Show raw footage and BTS of your processes and day-to-day life at work. 

2. Be consistent

Create a consistent experience for your customer across every channel. You will make it infinitely easier for customers to remember and recognise you if your brand has consistency.

3. Be unique

Experiment and test new ideas of visually showcasing your brand story. Be individual and produce content at a high quality. Collaborate with creators, other brands and influences.

The versatility of our technology combined with our experience in content creation can help you deliver brilliant results, save you time and money, and improve your overall performance. Let us guide the way.

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