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About Us

We believe in taking the path less travelled. The path could be out of your comfort zone but it's the only route that paves way for the future. Our clients are early adopters of technology used in more developed markets. They question norms and they're are able to realise the benefits of the worlds most advanced content creation technologies. They understand what their customers need to commit to a brand and our clients are the brands growing their digital footprint.

After recognising the growing link between digital capability and overall business success, in 2017 we established Asset Factory. Businesses used to take days or weeks producing content. It was a tiresome exercise for big businesses and the old way of producing photography was a road block for small businesses. New Zealand needed a solution to producing quality content quickly and cost-effectively.

The road to ecommerce success starts with quality imagery and Asset Factory is the new shortcut.

- Jo Mackie, Asset Factory founder


Why choose
Asset Factory?

We have one of the world's most efficient photography production workflows. Many claim to disrupt, we truly disrupt the status quo. Producing product photography and bringing your products to market will never be the same again with our unique technology. 

Take too long on inefficient business practices and your profit only flows towards your wage bill.  But, take too little care and your profit goes to the competition as well. Time equals money and you need both to compete.

It's easy to get in to a routine of spending days producing photography or video content then spending even more during post-production. Luckily, it's equally easy to use our revolutionary smart studio.

Our fast photographic technology earns back that lost time so you can reinvest in making quality assets that generate a return.

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Learn more about our partnership with Thievery Studio. A joint force between two specialist studios centred around one goal: Creating the essential quality branded content for each stage of your customer’s journey, to move them from discovery through to purchase.


Asset Factory is a creative hub that helps you market your products quickly and effectively.



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