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Discover the world's smartest photographic machines. 


When old problems combine with big ideas, new efficiencies and innovative technology are born.


Live Machine

Horizontal Machine


Vertical Machine

Eclipse Machine


Eclipse Machine


Capture all of your good sides in cinematic video or crisp detailed photos. Our self-contained Multi-Angle Machine is the ideal stage to showcase small products such as footwear, electronics, leather goods, bags and other accessories.

Previously highly-technical and complicated to produce, our revolutionary Multi-Angle Machine lets you showcase your goods from every angle with the swipe of an iPad screen. Multi-Angle product photography, video and world-leading small product photography can be produced all in a matter of minutes with no photographic or post-production experience necessary.

Work at an ergonomic height for as long as you need without any effort. Simply turn up, place your product on the turntable, select your lighting and shot sequence settings then you’re ready to start filming. It’s easy to style the stage to suit your brand aesthetic as well as shoot it white for your stockists and press releases. Let us know if you want a custom colour background printed for perfect brand guidelines alignment.

Our spin? Detail-oriented customers gain confidence by inspecting previously unseen elements of your products. Viewing more sides of the product increases their trust of your brand or products, removes lingering doubt and adds a unique interactive element to your website to keep people shopping for longer.


Live Machine


Designed for humans in more ways than one, our Live Machine captures photos and video of incredible quality. If you can operate an iPad, you'll be a natural.  The photoshoot director can capture garments on a model or have talent interacting with and demonstrating other products... all at the tap of a screen.

Choose from pre-set video edits or create your own photo style, then adjust the lighting to suit the size of each subject. Your studio lighting, recording settings and file types can be saved then quickly re-loaded when changing between models or recalled at your next Asset Factory visit for complete consistency.

'Live' contains a customisable Skylight with 6 high-CRI LED panels to illuminate the back panel, floor and provide catchlight on the model's head and front. The vertically-aligned Striplight is Live's second 6 high-CRI LED panel, including a diffuser. It's ideal for altering the degree of direct illumination on the model.  On the opposite side of Live, the Reflector Panel provides the flexibility of an even, soft light or a stylised shadow.

The stage is now yours. Style the Live Machine to achieve the best art direction for your content's final purposes and your brand. Choose a clean and simple set with your choice of paper roll backdrops for ecommerce imagery or bring something more adventurous for campaign imagery. Hang fabric, floral walls or printed photographic scenes. You may even bring interior wall segments and your choice of flooring... the only limit is your imagination.



Horizontal Machine


For those products best shown from above. The Horizontal machine is the cherry on the top of our trio of machinery. This space captures all the good parts of the Vertical Machine, but flips it on its side. The 4x Rotolight ANOVA SOLO 5600k lights and a backlit LED glass floor give customised illumination and instant clear cut photos.

Like our other smart-studio machines, the iPad interface allows for customised lighting brightness, quick clear cut images, ghost overlays, saved pre-sets and your choice of file exports.

'Horizontal' is at waist height, no need to kneel on a hard studio floor. Complicated flat-lays and tricky products can be handled at an ergonomic height, allowing for efficient image production throughout the day. 

You can set the scene here too, bring fabric, paper or other base material to provide a backdrop for lifestyle images or staged scenes like beds, table tops or kitchen tops.


Vertical Machine


The Vertical Machine is a versatile powerhouse and a place many diverse Asset Factory clients feel at home in. It allows the director to shoot numerous side-on photos of upright products. However, we should mention that the Vertical Machine is haunted. But, the ghosts are very user friendly.

Take a photo then overlay the 'ghost' of that image on the real-time camera view on the iPad operating system.  Use the ghost overlay to guide your adjustments and stage your next product in the same position. You'll attain the exact same product angle across your entire range. Thanks Casper.

Asset Factory's Ghost Mannequins give you a serious leg-up when it comes to maximising the Vertical Machine's capabilities. Their magnetic modular sections detach with ease to work with complicated garments.  For any modern clothing retailer wanting to make money online, these are indispensable production tools.

Use 'Vertical' on products that look best with a dose of gravity. Then, take multiple angles and zoom in to highlight the key details your customers want to inspect. It's a cinch to use, no experience is required so any member of your team can come and use it.

Coding your image files is no problem. The built in barcode reader takes care of that. Then code the product's file name with angle variations as you go. Vertical features 5 variable x Rotolight ANOVA SOLO 5600K lights to illuminate your products with and a backlit LED panel to aid instant clear-cut photos. The built-in Canon camera is controlled via an iPad. Once you've zoomed in and are ready to take a photo, press the capture button. Then export your files in your choice of JPEG, PNG, TIFF or raw CR2 formats. Easy.


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