How Digital Signage Can Boost Your Retail Space

With the rising tide of brands publishing video content, there’s still one medium many retailers have yet to explore fully: Digital signage displays.

Investing in a retail store fit-out is no small task and neither producing imagery for your brand to promote your latest products. By combining your online experience with your in-store experience, you’re getting better value for spend on both your fit-out and video & photographic content. Your customer journey becomes seamlessly integrated from when they see your social media content, get retargeting with a digital advertisement, research on your website and finally visit your store to try your product then convert.


Our 5 Tips on how to use Digital Signage

1. Impulse Purchases

Don’t just wait for customers to stumble across your product or have a salesperson push it on them, give your customers the idea to use product X with Accessory Y themselves by displaying it on a screen nearby. It varies by industry and store but your company might convert 30% of your hard-won foot traffic so to deliver the best customer service those in the mood for buying, add on to complete the product set.

2. Community-sourced Content

Encourage interaction with your customers and demonstrate social proof to your customers. With their consent, repost images your customers have taken in-store or posted on social media. Curate the feed for brand-consistency or enable a live feed. The limit here is only in your budget, your technology and your imagination, the possibilities for clever customer engagement are endless.

3. Look Book & Product Explainer Videos

A picture tells a thousand words and a video is a thousand pictures. Well, somewhere around 30 pictures per second anyway. Show your customers how a dress looks and hangs on a person, inspire them with a full outfit rather than just the tee-shirt, show them what the power tool can build, how the children’s toy operates etc. Explain your product to the uninitiated to build their confidence and trust before they try. Sometimes entirely new products are not always straightforward to understand, show your customers the way.

4. Brand Continuity

You’ve paid talent to create beautiful imagery so display it to those customers most likely to give it attention and be influenced by it - those who are already near or in your store. DIsplaying your photos or videos across your website adds a real mood to your store and keeps it fresh, eye-catching and consistent with your website and social channels.

5. Promotions

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New products, seasonal pushes, sales & more. When you want your customers to see something amongst the overload of information and distractions in a retail store, video stands out immediately. Capture their attention and encourage them to take action with video content in your stores.

Menswear retailer Working Style uses video screens as an eye-catching advertisement for the brand to passersby. Seen here is their Ponsonby Road branch displaying a campaign video.

An easy-to-do example of how digital signage can work is at Asset Factory. Come see ours for yourself during your next visit and discuss how to use content in your video screens

Sam Clode