Top 3 Social Media News Stories September


1. Facebook readying itself to hide likes

Jane Wong is one to keep an eye on if you want a head start on the competition. The coder and App secret-spiller has a knack for finding yet-to-go-live features hidden within the code of application updates. Wong uncovered the move for Instagram to test hiding public likes and just completed the repeat last week, successfully discovering the hidden feature and announcing on Twitter last week. The feature appears to operate in the same manner as Instagram’s hidden likes (currently being tested in New Zealand).

How will this affect your content strategy on Facebook?


2. Instagram to replicate features of TikTok

Jane Wong strikes again. Instagram looks poised to launch a ‘Clips’ feature replicating the most downloaded app on Apple’s iTunes charts and overlay music to short videos. TikTok has exploded across the past year (formerly the application captures a (mainly) youth audience filming themselves in short music and lip-sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. Yeah… we don’t get it either but if you’re a toy company or children’s apparel brand, you might want to get on to it fast.

What steps will your brand need to take to engage with the next generation of consumers?


3. YouTube launches dedicated Fashion & Style hub

New on the web is a dedicated channel for the best from the fashion & beauty world on YouTube. Content centres around Live streams, luxury brands, tutorials, behind the scenes, beauty tips, wardrobe tours, red carpet, models and more. will feature original content from the biggest names in the industry, as well as the popular content that users have come to expect from the world of YouTube. Each shelf is chock-full of compelling videos from fashion and beauty creators, industry professionals, publishers, and luxury fashion brands.
— YouTube Blog

How will your brand use this channel to target interested customers?

Sam Clode