How Ziera Created ICONIC Content at Asset Factory

Large ecommerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, TradeMe, The ICONIC or The Market are an ever-increasing part of the digital landscape & their presence can be an exciting opportunity for brands to reach new customers.

With hundreds of brands, each with their own individual visual identities, marketplaces like the ICONIC aim to create visual harmony amongst their supplier brands to create a user-friendly ecommerce experience. NZ Footwear & accessories retailer Ziera worked with Asset Factory to meet the image quality & launch on The ICONIC.

Ziera’s recent ecommerce success injected a dose of confidence in their digital channels and a digital-lead strategy going forward says CEO Martin Bremmer in an interview with the Register, hence the decision to continue online growth via the ICONIC. “Women, especially young women, have come through a long phase where they have experienced a dress-down culture, with casual work dress codes, ubiquitous activewear, trainers and sneakers. Now the pendulum is beginning to swing back, they are demanding the same level of comfort from dress shoes that they have become used to in the athleisure category.” With a new designer & the increase in fashionability, the ICONIC proved a natural next step for a footwear company hungry to continue it’s online momentum.

Passing any sort of third-party quality control to meet guidelines is not always a straightforward process. It’s a large task for a small company and for a retailer with as many SKUs as Ziera, it could have been a mountain of work to direct time and resources towards. If they used their in-house product photography machine or shot the products traditionally, it would have only got them part of the way there. Each product would have then had significantly more post-production work than is ideal for so many different angles of all of the products. So what needed to be produced?

  • 230.230.230 Grey Background Canvas, Working RGB - sRGB colour profile

  • 4:5 portait aspect, 1600px x 2000px canvas

  • Image file name according to SKU and variant eg SKU121213_1.jpg

  • 2.5cm product exclusion zone around edges of canvas

  • Above plus side 1, back angle, side 2, toe angle, special detail photo & on-model crop

  • Repeat for every product

With our smart content studio machines, most of the ICONIC’s guidelines can be accommodated from the start with a series of automations, pre-set framings, ghost overlays and more that are saved and ready to use for the next product. The process at Asset Factory was as simple as setting up a trial with our Eclipse Machine to get the ideal pre-set camera angles & Live Machine with talent to model the footwear.

Name, shoot, export, adjust & upload.

Asset Factory has a number of clients that sell on marketplaces with similar content requirements, we have the knowledge and the right pre-sets on our smart content creation machines to streamline your own brand’s marketplace content creation process to fit within existing guidelines.

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Sam Clode