How to Schedule Instagram Posts


Hallelujah it’s here! After years of camera to computer to smartphone file & caption transfers, Facebook has just launched the most asked-for feature by marketers - Instagram Post scheduling.

Say goodbye to pointless third party applications with the introduction of Facebook Creator Studio as part of Facebook Business Manager.

The new Creator Studio feature lets brands disperse their image assets much more efficiently through the back end of Facebook, further strengthening the link between the two channels and making life just a little bit easier for your team. We’re all about efficiency.

To find Facebook Creator Studio, log into your Facebook Page, select ‘Publishing Tools’ and under ‘Tools’ click on ‘Creator Studio’.

Once you’re there, the top navigation bar will indicate either Facebook (blue) or Instagram (magenta-purple) and the side navigation bar presents the options available which include Create Post, Content Library & Insights - where you can see data on your instagram post performance as well as your followers which help inform which content is getting the most interaction and where you should steer your future production.

The new Content Library lets brands sort and view activity across a range of post types, date, status and a range of other filtering options. Eg how many views a post received and its overall engagement.

Additional features point to the crackdown on copyright infringement across all social media channels with inclusion of Sound Studio - a library of music for you to use within your video content.

Take a look at a few examples at what’s now available below or see for yourself with your brand page. Happy posting.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 12.01.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.53.01 AM.jpg
Sam Clode