How Many Photos Do Website Visitors Expect?

Consumers want as much information as possible about their next product purchase online.


A Salsify survey of over 1,000 American online shoppers found that they expect to see an average of 6 product photos per product. Those aged 18-24 and 35-44 expected 8 images per product. The 2016 average by comparison showed an expectation of 3 images per product, indicating a possible trend toward growing demands of consumers to see more of the products in front of them and/or the increasing arms race by retailers to provide better customer experiences on their product pages.

These same consumers are expecting to watch an average of 3 videos when shopping online

69% of survey participants mentioned “not enough information or details” as the number one reason they leave a product page. Costly traffic loss for any business. The solution? Give the people what they want. Don’t just photograph your product - showcase it. Video it from every angle, show the scale and a complete look moving on a model, show inside, the back, and focus on some key details. Eliminate guesswork and watch your page conversion rate increase - just make sure you’re handling your images the right way.

A quick scan of some of the large retailers around the world will show you many are investing in content production with around 8 images per product from the likes of The Iconic, Adidas, Zara, Net a Porter, Mr Porter & Matches.


Ethical homewares company Asili shows us how it’s done with our Eclipse machine. The hand made bowl is a familiar shape from above but having multiple photo angles shows you can easily see the texture and finish as well as the flat top edge, natural imperfections and striking atypical extra depth in the design. Then to top it off, there’s a video.

Sam Clode