Spotlight: Garth Badger, Thievery Studio


Tell us about your background and how you got into photography

It really depends on how far we go back, I used to be a beekeeper! Around 12 years ago I started with photography as a hobby, somehow that grew into a career and here we are.

For those that don’t know, what’s Thievery all about?

Thievery is a video and photography production company, we specialise in bespoke content for clients that know and understand the importance of quality creative imagery. We offer both stills & video production while also offering post production and motion graphics. We also have a studio space for rent with beautiful natural light. You can find us at

How has the content production industry changed over the past 5 years?

It’s a constantly evolving beast, we are continuing to see more demand for moving image while the needs for stills are not at all diminishing. I think clients are more clued up to what good video content is and that’s what they want. I also think we are seeing less hard sell tactics, businesses are realising the value of showing who they really are, their culture and humanity.

What can businesses do to improve the end result of their campaign imagery?

Listen to the creatives, put more trust into the creative process and not try to micro manage the entire project. I’ve seen many great projects have the lustre removed because of one too many boardroom decision.

What are the best 2 pieces of advice you’ve ever received for photography & for business?

Shoot what you love. I love people so that’s what I mostly shoot. Quality over quantity. You’re only as good as your last piece of work so it all must be the highest quality it can be.

A happy crew projects positivity to the talent and that gives you the best environment to create beautiful imagery.
— Garth Badger, Thievery Studio

What are the key ingredients to a successful and productive photoshoot?

Great people, people that are motivated to be there and all working to get the best outcome. From the assistant through to the client, a happy crew projects positivity to the talent and that gives you the best environment to create beautiful imagery.

Are brands embracing video enough?

Many are yes, there's a few that are still playing catch up but generally yes, I think some brands tried to dive right into video too fast and made a lot of non-relevant and confusing imagery but we are now seeing clients become much more targeted. 

Ruby Rose, The Veronicas, Grimes… Asset Factory - You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the world, who have you enjoyed shooting the most and why?

I'm very lucky to have worked with some amazing people and Ruby was definitely a highlight! I think my absolute favourite is a long time collaborator, Gareth Thomas, he’s a local musician and we have the most amazing creative workflow together. It's always a true collaboration with the end result is something neither of us were capable of conceiving independently. I think we’ve made about 6 music videos at this stage.

The perfect brief is…

A brief where I get the most creative input and creative freedom I can have.

Tell us in your own words how Thievery & Asset Factory are working together and why?

I think it’s important to have a clear distinction between product photography and campaign imagery, I think being able to capture the product photography in the most consistent and efficient way leaves more time and energy to be put towards campaign stills & video. Telling your brand story and sharing its aesthetics with the world is vitally important to a brands positioning.

Daniela Diewock