Meet our multi-angle Eclipse Machine

The newest edition to our studio has arrived. Meet our multi-angle Eclipse Machine. There is a lot to say about our new baby, but first, take a look at what she can do.


Our Eclipse Machine is a true prodigy in product photography and videography all in one self-contained package, ideal for small-medium sized products of any variety.

Eclipse uses a silky smooth 4-Axis Robotic movement system with motorized lens zoom and an equally smooth turntable base to rotate your product. With your product front and centre, the camera, zoom, turntable and tilt & elevation track combine their movements to produce endless options of engaging photography angles and cinematic videos that show off your products’ best sides.

Needless to say, video and multiple angles removes guesswork and customer uncertainty. With the inclusion of product video, your visitors increase the average time spent on your site and all of that means they are much more likely to convert and there’s a bonus in you having lower rates of returned product.

Take a look at some of the examples below:

Sam Clode