7+ Statistics that Prove the Power of Video


We came across a great bunch of statistics that show how well video will perform for your business when you add it to your website so naturally, we made it into a video and added a few more stats below.


73% of adults in USA are more likely to purchase a product after watching an informative video about the product.

A picture tells the story of a thousand words and a video is a thousand pictures. Well, at least 24 frames per second anyway. Video is one of the most efficient ways of teaching and informing consumers about your product. It’s also one of the fastest growing areas of content production for businesses and an easy wave to ride to ecommerce success.

67% of consumers watch instructional videos

64% of consumers watch product & service videos
64% of consumers watch humorous videos

We think the other 36% of people who didn’t report watching humorous videos were not being completely truthful but you can see the key areas to focus on. Rather than just tell them, show them how your product works. Display how their new dress will drape and flow when worn and give them a snapshot of ways to wear it. Make it fun, educational & entertaining and make it easy for them to say yes to the dress.

96% of consumers find videos helpful

94% of consumers have watched a video online in the past week
76% of consumers have watched a video on their phone in the past week
40% of 18-24 year olds watch 10+ videos in the past week

Of course, 96% of consumers finding videos helpful seems like a no-brainer. By informing your customer and showing the usage of your product, you break down possible objections and keep your website visitors on site for longer. Videos are helpful, and we all want to help our customers make purchases so it begs the question; why isn’t every single retailer using online video yet? Also, as the group of 18-24 year old videophiles grow older and increase in consumption ability, so will their demand and expectation of brands to communicate the value of products, quickly and easily. Whether they’re your core target customer group or not, their influence will direct the course of marketing for the next decade.

41% more search engine traffic than websites without videos

127% increase in page visits

81% more time on site

It’s difficult to find better quality web traffic than organic search traffic. They want to be on your website. Someone has willingly clicked on your page, without you pushing digital advertising upon them. Websites with video content on their product pages keep people on site, convert more and keep them exploring compared to those sites without videos.

Search engines align their listings more heavily towards websites with video content because search results are based upon how relevant the web page is likely to be to match the user’s query. Because videos keep people on site for longer, encourage site exploration and also increase conversion, search engines like Google see this behaviour on your website and determine a relevant search result has been delivered, therefore give higher rankings to your web page for whatever particular query what searched for. Brands that align their content with the queries their customers are searching for are likely to experience success over those without video in their SEO strategy.

Video Vs Non Video.png

58% of consumers consider companies that use video more trustworthy.

We think this is especially important for new companies or brands looking to establish themselves to new people or new markets. For those of us of a certain vintage able to remember the early days of search engine marketing, you’ll remember the minefield that was clicking on search results link meant any number of surprise website scenes might show up in front of you. In a global online environment full of pop-up windows, dodgy links, spam messages and scams, savvy consumers are wary to start with and you need to do your best to gain their trust in your after-sales service and the quality of your products.

70% watch videos while they’re watching TV

46% watch videos while they’re at work
48% have watched while in the bathroom

Online video is everywhere you are. It might not be the main event at the time, but one eye remains watching. You’ve got a foot in the door to nearly every stage of a person’s day from the time the wake up until they go to sleep.

83% prefer videos to be under 5 minutes in length.

It need not be Gone With The Wind, in the current days of multi-screen split attention, on-the-go mobile video and both Facebook Inc & Google’s ‘Storyification’ of video, try your hand at short and sharp 15 second attention-grabbing pieces. Occupy as much screen space as you can on mobile to keep eyes on your content.

Tip: Assume people have low motivation to watch your video and work to reverse that. Consider looking at competing video content of a similar nature and set out to create a shorter, sharper version so the viewing commitment isn’t so large. How many times have you been sent a 5 minute video from a friend that you never watched?

77% of consumers consider companies that make videos to be more engaged with their customers.

71% of consumers say videos leave a positive impression on a company

It’s the thought that counts here, you’ve thought enough about your customer to make a video for them that explains your product and demonstrates how it solves their problems and shows you understand what they need to know before purchase. Of course, leaving a positive impression on someone is always a good idea.

49% More Revenue Growth

No, it won’t happen overnight, but it might happen. Aberdeen group’s study produced a result with a huge gap between the have-videos and the have-nots. Year-on-year revenue growth increased 49% more than those without any video content.

How has video improved your ecommerce website? Tell us in the comments below


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Sam Clode