Always Be Consistent

Getting the basics right will always help you compete in retail. Starting points like good product, good visual identity & good service help greatly. Covering off your ABCs helps customers understand what your product does, showcases your product in its best light and sets you up for success. And, by ABCs we mainly mean Always Be Consistent.

Storm Instagram Post.jpg

Consistency is about removing distraction so your customer can make a decision and appearing professional to the world.

Here's a great example from Storm who have started using our Live Machine for their collections which arrive throughout the year. One of the benefits of using Live is that no matter when your collection arrives and for every subsequent collection, your lighting configuration is saveable for future visits. It's able to be replicated from season to season, allowing you to present your collection with the same lighting effects without making your previous collection look like the poor cousin, helping sell through stock no matter which collection it came from. You'll also notice the colour match between the photos and the garments in motion on video, it's one way to present an honest view of your products, build trust online and make sales around the world.

Sam Clode