Nisa is here!


When Nisa contacted us for help with their ecommerce imagery we were delighted to help out. The Wellington-based underwear brand founded by lawyer Elisha Watson  (centre), employs women from refugee backgrounds to create its products. 

Sewing skills are a common ground amongst women from diverse cultures, so the business provides the perfect employment for them, without the need to speak fluent English.

Nisa’s range features high and low-waisted briefs, made from organic cotton, locally woven elastic, and cute matching bralettes. Elisha’s goal is for the company to become self-sustaining, giving her employees security for their future in New Zealand.

Gorgeous images were key to Nisa’s launch, and we were happy to open our doors to them. We think they nailed their flat-lay, on model and video content, all shot in just one day at our studios.

We wish Nisa and its people all the best for a bright future, check them out at

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