Spotlight: Kath Gould Make-up & Hair


When you're somebody on the wish list of nearly every fashion designer, media outlet, production company and touring celebrity you end up with an impressive body of work and the skill set to match. Kath Gould is that somebody. She's of New Zealand's top hairstylists & makeup artists with credits spanning everything from X-Factor and the Bachelor to the pages of FQ and Tattler and everyone from Hollywood stars like Eva Longoria to Olympic champion kayaker Lisa Carrington. We have the pleasure of regularly having Kath in our studio so pulled her aside for a quick catch up.


How long have you worked as a hair & make-up artist?

Makeup for about 12ish years, Hair for 10. I started in London and then moved back to New Zealand about 5 years ago.

What do you love most about your job?

I love how varied my job can be. One day I’ll be stomping around in the mud and rain on a tv commercial, the next I might be shooting a model on a Pacific Island  - you never know!  Rising to challenges and communicating effectively with a diverse range of people is always something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. 

What would you define as a career highlight?

I don’t think there’s ever just one highlight.. there’s always a number of things that make me excited about my job. I have been lucky enough to work with a number of celebrity and high-profile people such as Eva Longoria, Kim Cattrall and Miranda Kerr - I am very grateful that they have trusted me.

Client satisfaction is very important to me and I am always happy when I feel I have successfully delivered - whether it be for a local brand, running a team for a live TV show or creating beautiful editorial images.

Tell us about your experience working with Asset Factory

I absolutely love working with the Asset Factory Crew. They are helpful, professional and thoughtful. Jo and Andy have become really great friends as a result of my time working there and I really respect the fantastic energy they bring to their business. The number of brands that re-book after shooting there is a real testament to how beautifully the business is run and their commitment to client satisfaction.

Are there any considerations you need to make for make-up when shooting on our Live Machine with constant lights?

Shooting under flash can give a bit of bounce-back with some skin products - especially those containing an SPF. Shooting with constant light allows me to expand the range of makeup I can use. With flash, you really need to test the model under the lights and tweak accordingly… constant light enables you to see exactly how the model will look in-camera at all times.

If you weren't a hair and make-up artist what would you be doing?

I used to work as a photographer so may very well be doing that still if I hadn’t started with makeup. I think if I had my time again I would have a nursing degree and work in appearance medicine.

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