Decide Your Direction


Give life to your garments, film educational social media content, interact with large products or highlight unique product features and usage.

The automated video & photo studio is a customisable arena, showcasing people and large products with unrivalled workflow efficiency. Our state-of-the-art technology lights your subject, records 4k video, edits footage and exports the files - all at the touch of an iPad. Nothing shows off the way a garment moves better than video so break through that 4th wall, remove objections and connect with your audience.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." —Marc Jacobs

On-Model Imagery

Capture magnificent moments to help your target audience envision themselves in your wares and inspire your customers into taking action.

Our smart studio takes incredible photographs of your garments on models more efficiently and easily than ever before. Choose your own set design and save time by taking photos and video in tandem perfect for use in print or on screen in retail environments, social media and your website.

Save your settings with a swipe of the finger on our iPad interface to switch seamlessly between your pre-sets. You can allow for models of different heights, vary lighting effects, change camera angles for different subjects and more.

Multi-Angle Video & Imagery

Capture all of your good sides in cinematic video or crisp detailed photos.

Our self-contained Multi-Angle Machine is the ideal stage to showcase small products such as footwear, electronics, leather goods, bags and other accessories.

Previously highly-technical and complicated to produce, our revolutionary Multi-Angle Machine lets you showcase your goods from every angle with the swipe of an iPad screen. Multi-Angle product photography, video and world-leading small product photography can be produced all in a matter of minutes with no photographic or post-production experience necessary.

Product Photography

Make the very best first impression to gain loyal, lasting clientele.

We make product imagery, optimised for the best consumer experience online and offline. Emphasise product features from every angle with complete consistency across all of your Asset Factory product photos from the past, present and in the future. Shoot anything from clothed Ghost Mannequins to footwear, wine bottles, bags, technology and more.

Then use the image files to promote your products online, in printed material, to send to your stockists or release the files to the media for coverage in upcoming editorial features. You can even live-overlay images of other product photos to reposition your product for a professional-looking consistent visual presence online.

Flat Lays

Give your clientele a unique perspective on your products.

Or horizontal photography smart studio lets you photograph accessories, artworks, costume jewellery, homewares, fresh food and even create styled outfit grids. Clear cut images come through in seconds, the only part you need to think about is deciding when your composition is finished!

You can take things a step further by bringing your own styled backdrop and props or even shoot a series of images to create a moving animation post-production for eye-catching eDMs, website features or engaging social media content.

Ghost Mannequin

Remove hours of production and post-production editing by using our revolutionary
Ghost Mannequins.

The snap-on magnetic sections of the mannequins make for easy outfit changes and create a perfect fit, every time. Deep V-Necks,sleeveless tops and blazers are no challenge.Simply remove any segment that doesn’t need to be in your photo.You can choose from different genders and body sections to suit your products then get instant clear cut photos exported in your choice of file formats. No need for difficult post-production editing, you won’t see boo because the Ghost Mannequin has already disappeared.

All you need to do is dress your mannequin then take your own amazing photograph.