Asset Factory X Thievery Studio

A joint force partnership between two specialist studios centred around one goal: Creating the essential quality branded content for each stage of your customer’s journey, to move them from discovery through to purchase.

Capturing the attention of those eyes unaware of your brand relies on triggering an emotive response at the intersection where your brand story meets your target audience’s interests. Awe, admiration, joy, fear, aspiration, humour, attraction, hunger. The success of this is determined by equal parts; idea and execution.

This is your Hero campaign and it looks and feels like a Hollywood production company just made all of your wildest dreams come true. But, they’re not in California, they’re just off Karangahape Road. They’re a world class creative crew called Thievery and they’re ready to produce everything from campaign movies and lifestyle photography to attention-grabbing motion graphics, all at the drop of a single brief.

That’s the beginning for your audience but not where it ends…


Your next hurdle is to gain further trust from your audience, show them how their lifestyle fits with your brand and create content that centres on your audience’s various passion points that are relevant to your brand. Key opinion leaders can help with this, as can compelling blog articles, brand collaborations, editorial coverage and more. Both Thievery Studio and Asset Factory can help with producing content for this, in different ways for different brands.

However your audience get to your online store, treat this traffic like the precious resource it is because this is where business happens. So come to Asset Factory to give the people what they need: a seamless shopping experience, free from distraction and full of answers. Form true representations of your products that enable your audience to hone in on key selling points. Remove objections, lower returns and increase conversion with clear videos and product photography that show off every aspect .

That’s not the end for your audience either. It’s part of a network of content with each stage crucial for building a brand and converting traffic into sales - much of which will be unique to your brand and customers. Lets talk.

Deliver one brief, have the brief met by one partnership and be one happy customer.


Meet Garth Badger

Photographer & Director of Thievery Studio

Read the full interview with Garth, the man behind Thievery Studio, on our blog!